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P’TOSH Capital, a division of P’TOSH Companies, operates independently under the sole ownership of its founders, with no external partners or investors. Our commitment to autonomy ensures strategic decision-making and the preservation of our unique vision across our portfolio.

P’TOSH Capital functions autonomously as a subsidiary, broadening our scope for business expansion by engaging with new investors and cultivating lucrative joint ventures. Private investors constitute the cornerstone of P’TOSH Capital’s operations, guiding our endeavors at every step.

Note Sellers

P'TOSH Group of Companies is a trusted secondary market buyer from a variety of note sellers.

Private Lending

Customized and tailored loan programs to fit your needs.


Private investors are at the core of everything we do at P'TOSH Group of Companies


Private Lending for business loans secured by real estate

The acquisition of performing and non-performing mortgage loans secured by real estate throughout the United States

The purchase, renovation and sale of single-family residential properties primarily in the Middle Atlantic region of the United States

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