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Private Lending

Private lending refers to individuals or entities lending money directly to borrowers, often outside of traditional financial institutions, in exchange for interest payments.

Empowering Dreams, Bridging Finance Gaps

P’TOSH Group, a private lending institution, specializes in business-related real estate loans, offering financing for non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties nationwide. We cater to diverse capital needs in the following sectors:

  • Real estate investment loans
  • Bridge financing
  • Fix and flip loans
  • Short-term commercial real estate loans
  • New Construction

As a direct lender, P’TOSH Group conducts all loan application reviews internally, enabling swift processing. We prioritize referrals, cultivate borrower relationships, and endeavor to enhance your success through tailored loan programs designed to meet your specific requirements.

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We provide many significant benefits to our financial industry partners. These include:

A Straightforward Approach

Organized due diligence | Quick closings | Confidential process | National coverage