P'TOSH Company Divisions

Other Division

P’TOSH Group of Companies comprises several dynamic divisions specializing in diverse portfolios, including Luxury & Multi family housing, capital division, foundation and non-profit inititatives, and construction. Each division excels in its respective field, driven by innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, collectively contributing to the group’s success and growth in the global market.

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Luxury & Multi Family Housing

Indulge in unparalleled sophistication with an owned luxury apartment by P’TOSH Group of Companies.

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Captal Division

P’TOSH Capital, a division of P’TOSH Companies, operates independently under the sole ownership of its founders, with no external partners or investors.

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Foundation & Non-Profit Initiatives

Empowering Change, Building Hope Together encapsulates our collective mission to inspire positive transformation and unity.

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Retail Division​

Regardless of whether you’re adding service to your existing retail business or seeking a better solution for your service center or repair shop, we can help.​

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Construction Division​

P’TOSH Construction and Development specializes in bringing visions to life through expert craftsmanship and innovative design.


Revenue Management Division​

Maximizing Profitability, Optimizing Performance: Revenue Management at its Finest.

P'TOSH Hotel Division

P’TOSH Hotel Division offers a diverse portfolio of properties to cater to different preferences and travel styles.


P’TOSH Hotel Division is a segment of the P’TOSH brand that focuses specifically on providing top-notch accommodation services to its guests. With a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, P’TOSH Hotel Division aims to create memorable experiences for travelers seeking comfort, luxury, and convenience.

P'TOSH Proprties